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The Mosaic art of Anne Ziemienski
Ziemienski Studios, Glen Ellen, California (707) 935-0357

Mosaic art has ancient roots and a rich cultural heritage. Anne spent many years living around the Mediterranean and the Middle East absorbing this beautiful "lost art".  She particularly loves the Greco-Roman style that was very popular 2,000 years ago. She works with marble because of the beauty of the stone, its natural coloring, and its durability. Designing and making mosaics for over 26 years has given her the opportunity to create many exciting projects. Anne's mosaics have a dual role of being both decorative and functional. A marble "rug" can be used as flooring, a wall hanging or a table. 

The process is very intensive. She cuts marble slabs with a saw and then hand cuts each individual piece according to the size needed. A series of steps follow, depending on whether the piece is a table, a floor insert, or a wall installation. The procedure she uses also insures that the piece is flat for walking on or for use as a table.

Anne also designs and executes large pebble mosaic pathways and floors. She uses smooth river rock, on its side, to create tight geometric or undulating patterns. This is also an ancient technique dating back to Classical Greece. The pebbles are particularly suited to the outdoors and are used for covering large areas in patterns.


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