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Anne Ziemienki, Commission Information
Ziemienski Studios, Glen Ellen, California (707) 935-0357

If you're interested in a commission

please contact Anne directly:

phone: (707) 935-0357

Anne will do floors, tables, and wall pieces. She spends the majority of her time working with marble, however she greatly enjoys working with pebbles, making pebble mosaic floors and pathways. Anne does all of the work herself and cuts all the marble by hand. All designs are original and are created in the classical Roman style.

Anne enjoys working with her client's ideas and will initially confer to determine her client's preferences. She prices the job basically by square footage. The length of the job is determined by the size and complexity, running from one week to several months. In her current inventory, Anne has several tables and wall pieces. Please contact her if you are interested in these or are interested in a commissioned work.

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